Has Oracle Just Discontinued MySQL MXJ Connector?

MySQL MXJ connector download page gives 404, and MXJ connector is no longer listed on the MySQL connectors list.

It’s not just me because I found this post on MySQL forums -

In your release notes you mentioned that the binaries can be found here:

Unfortunately I am seeing an empty page there. Has this artifact ever
been uploaded somewhere?

MySQL MXJ Connector allows Java developers to easily and transparently embed MySQL database in a cross-platform manner in the installation package. Last release version 5.0.12 is available on maven mirror.

Has it just been discontinued permanently by Oracle? Although MySQL as an embedded database has limited functionality and SQLite is preferred, it makes sense to embed MySQL in some scenarios e.g. embedding database in a package which already targets MySQL.

Deskera uses MySQL MXJ connector in its standalone downloadable packages which are part of open source initiatives. MXJ 5.0.12 was released in July 2011 and will, in all probability, not receive any updates/fixes.

2 Responses to “Has Oracle Just Discontinued MySQL MXJ Connector?”

  1. Gavin Says:

    I would suggest to use an external MySQL database. So that we could create tables using tools like phpMyAdmin and update the configuration file.

  2. Brajesh Says:

    We’ll have a non-standalone version available soon, which will support external MySQL instance.

    The objective behind standalone version is to bundle everything to make it easy for normal users. External MySQL will add few more steps to running Deskera, while standalone version requires just to download, unzip and run.

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