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June 6th

With Deskera advanced search capabilities, it has never been easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Advanced search is available in all our major products such as CRM, HRMS, ERP, Inventory Management & Project Management. This feature allows you to locate anything from leads, accounts and opportunities in CRM to employee records, competencies in HRMS.

Using filter conjunctions such as ‘and’ as well as ‘or’, users are easily able to:

●      Narrow down or locate specific items in leads, products or opportunities,

●      Save searches so as to avoid making repeated queries and

●      Export search results to create new data lists with ease.

The following steps will show how we can conduct advance searches with Deskera Open Source CRM in less than 5 steps.

Step 1: Go to the list you want to search such as leads and click on ‘Advanced search’.

Step 2: Select the field you would like to search within.

Step 3 Key in the term you would like to search in the search bar and click the ‘Add’ button next to it. Your Search Parameter will appear below.

Step 4: Repeat Steps two and three to create another search parameter in a different field. You should now have two parameters.

Step 5: Select the Filter Conjunction of your choice and click on ‘Search’ to view your results below.

Saving Searches can also be saved easily. Simply enter the title you want to save the search as, click on ‘Remember Search’ and then proceed to your Dashboard to view your saved searches.

In less than 5 steps, Deskera Open Source CRM makes looking for items a breeze and allows your salespeople to concentrate on what they do best!

To learn more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source.  You may also join our Open Source Community.

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Manage Expenses better by Planning and Approving Trip Budgets

May 19th

Deskera eClaims lets you plan your trips before you incur the expenses. Before letting your sales personnel embark on a sales trip, you can have them plan out their expenses by applying for the trip.

Here’s how they can apply for a new trip:

Click to apply for a new trip

Click on the “New Trip Application” link under Trips. This lets you apply for and create Trips under which you can file expense claims.

Now a new tab opens for the new Trip:

Here the applicant can specify the trip details like destination, dates, expected expenses by types and also confirm to the stipulated check-list for adhering to expense policies in your company. All this helps you control expenses incurred in sales trips.

The system will also check later if the claimed expenses fall within the approved budgets. Also you can view reports on expenses incurred by Trips!

Attendance Management in Deskera eLeave

May 19th

Attendance Management in Deskera eLeave allows you to capture attendance from your access machine and calculate overtime, unpaid leaves and more for efficient management of your employees.

Here’s how you can go about using the Attendance Management module:

First go to the Master configuration settings from the Administration widget on your eLeave Dashboard

Click on Master Configuration to configure eLeave system settings

Now check to enable the attendance module.

Check to enable Attendance

Once done, you can bring in the Attendance Manager widget on your dashboard from the “Add Dashboard Widgets” bar at the bottom of your dashboard.

Select Attendance Manager from the Widget Bar

You can now start using the Attendance Management widget to configure shifts, import attendance details and more!

Attendance Manager widget on your dashboard

Deskera CRM has Field-level Viewing Permissions

May 19th

Having a large sales team, sometimes you may want to restrict some of your staff from viewing some confidential data about your customers.

For example, if you provide insurance services to your customers, then you’d keep a lot of confidential data about them on your CRM system – like their income, savings, dependents, tax deductions etc. This data should only be visible to the salesperson handling the customer’s insurance policy.  There may be other cases where you use external sales agents to support your field sales and you do not want them to access some internal data like product cost and profit margins.

At the same time you still want them to access most of the data about the customer to help with the sales process. So what you need is the ability to restrict some fields from their view.

Here’s how Deskera CRM helps you

For all the fields (or columns) you use to capture information about your customers, you can define whether that field is accessible to a particular user role or not. So you can allow Sales-Managers to view the profit margin, and not allow the sales executive to do so. Also you can disallow your insurance agents from viewing the confidential data about other customers that they are not handling.

Here’s a screenshot to explain it better:

Field Level Permissions in Deskera CRM

Field Level Permissions in Deskera CRM

So here you can specify that this field can be viewed by the Company Administrator and the Sales Manager, but not the Account Manager or the Sales Executive.

This is a pretty neat way to manage confidential customer data on your CRM!

iPhone App for Deskera CRM – January-13 Release

January 21st

I am glad to present before you the latest iPhone app for Deskera CRM, the perfect solution for your mobile business needs. We have added a whole set of new features to help you manage all customer related activities.

The enhancements are:

  • You can now add and view opportunities directly from the iPhone

  • Add and View Products on the go. The Products are integrated with Deskera Accounting as well
  • Now you can manage addition as well as deletion of records from Contact, Account, Lead, Opportunity and Case modules
  • Added capability to view and add Notes in Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Case & Product modules

You may download the new iPhone app directly from Apple Store: search for iDeskera.

Keep watching this space for our soon to be released iPad App for Deskera CRM. To know more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source.

Here are a few screenshots from the new release.

Check Assigned Tasks Before Approving Leaves with Deskera Leave & Attendance Manager

December 26th

We provide various points of integration between our applications. Here is another example of the tight integration that exists between all Deskera Open Source Apps.

In Deskera Leave & Attendance Manager when an employee, assigned to a task in a project (in Deskera Open Source Project Management), applies for a leave for the day of the task, the system points it out to the employee.

Similarly, when the manager is approving this leave application, the system prompts that there is a task assigned to the employee during the leave period.

Of course, do not forget to check the integration setting in the eLeave administration tab!

To know more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source.

Quantitative Analysis Reports in Deskera Open Source Accounting

December 17th

All important financial computations are available ready-to-use in Deskera Accounting. Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, Working capital, Cash-in-hand etc.

According to experts, the acid-test or quick ratio or liquid ratio measures the ability of a company to use its near cash or quick assets to extinguish or retire its current liabilities immediately.

Quick assets include those current assets that presumably can be quickly converted to cash at close to their book values. A company with a Quick Ratio of less than 1 cannot currently pay back its current liabilities.

All these important reports are generated real time in Deskera Open Source Accounting.

The transactions in Deskera Accounting are “automatically posted” in to all the financial Ledgers, Reports and statements. The reports are thus created real time saving precious time.

To know more, please visit Deskera Open Source Accounting.

Online Job Application Form for Recruitment using Deskera Open Source HRMS

December 17th

On creating a Job using Add Job function, an Apply Online link appears.

This directs to an application form for candidates to fill out and upload their CVs. New fields in the form can also be created.

The Application form can have any number of fields that you wish to capture about the applicant. The data entered, along with the uploaded resume is automatically posted in the Applications module for further review by the recruitment team!

To know more, please visit Deskera Open Source HRMS

Performance Appraisal – Generate appraisal forms based on designation with Deskera Open Source HRMS

December 17th

Deskera HRMS lets you define Competencies required for each designation. So there’s no need to create the appraisal form for each employee. Deskera will generate the form based on the employee’s designation and the competencies assigned to that designation.

The first step is to assign competencies to a designation.

The second step is to initiate the appraisal.

And behold, the appraisal forms are ready to be used.

To know more, please visit Deskera Open Source HRMS.

Checking Resource Availability with Deskera Open Source Project Management

December 14th

Are you facing problems in meeting project deadlines? Is it because there is no visibility of leaves and resource availability in your project management system? Here is how Deskera Open Source Project Management can help :-

When you are assigning resources to tasks in a Project Plan, the resource drop-down will show some resources in red depending on their availability during the task period.

If you bring the cursor over these red resources, the tool-tip will tell you which days the resource is on leave. This is very helpful during the planning stage.

You can also go ahead and check Deskera Leave management. You will find that when you apply for (or approve) a leave, the system prompts if there is a project task assigned for that duration. Isn’t that neat? Of course, do not forget to check the integration setting in the administration tab!

To know more about us, please visit Deskera.

Manage Duplicate Entries with Deskera Open Source CRM

December 11th

One of the biggest problems that salespeople face is ensuring that they are not wasting their collective effort on the same customers due to duplicate entries. Unfortunately, all legacy systems, and most CRM applications available today do not address this issue at all. Hence it left to the salespeople and the sales manager to sort out the duplicate entries manually. Despite their best efforts, the process is error-prone and time consuming. The problem becomes bigger as a company grows and gets more traffic on its website or more calls to its IVR. Fortunately, Deskera Open Source CRM offers an easy alternative.

With the option to now detect duplicate entries and configure rules to manage them, Deskera Open Source CRM offers:

  • Freedom from sorting duplicate entries manually
  • Reduce number of false alerts/notifications generated due duplicate entries
  • Streamline work allocation without worrying about crossed lists
  • Get the right reports by eliminating duplicate entries

The following steps will show how we can manage duplicate entries with Deskera Open Source CRM in less than 5 steps.

  • Step 1: Go to Master Configuration
  • Step 2: Click on the Configure Record Duplication Policy button:
  • Step 3: Select the module where you want to configure:
  • Step 4: Select Headers to determine duplicate entries and Save:

Once the above steps are completed, you would see all future duplicate entries for imported leads and web leads filtered on the selection criteria (headers).

Please note that the selection criteria follow “AND” selection policy. So if you had selected “Email”, “Phone Number” and “Last Name” as the criteria, then the lead will be filtered if ALL the values in these headers is identical.

In less than 5 steps, Deskera Open Source CRM helps you manage duplicate entries and allows your salespeople to concentrate on what they do best!

To learn more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source.  You may also join our Open Source Community.

Deskera – New Features (Oct’12)

October 23rd

We are pleased to announce several enhancements to the Deskera platform. These enhancements include a host of new features, many based on the feedback from our open source community.

But before we jump onto that, here is our new video. Check It Out!
Introduction To Deskera

Deskera CRM:

  • Hidden columns do not show up under Add Records window. So now you can enter leads into CRM a lot quicker and not worry about additional fields
  • The CRM Admin can disable fields so they are not visible to users
  • CRM Custom Reports can be filtered by Products
  • Resource Planning feature added for faster action on leads and opportunities
  • Added “Activity Reports” widget on the CRM dashboard
  • Activities can be mapped to roles
  • Optimized CRM Contacts module for faster performance

Deskera HRMS:

  • Overtime can be recorded in Timesheets
  • Implemented Multi-Company hierarchy in HRMS
  • Custom columns can be added for multi-company hierarchy
  • Added Reports on custom columns

Deskera Project Management:

  • Integrated with Deskera eLeave for checking availability of resources (if they are on leave)
  • Integrated with Deskera eTraining for checking availability of resources (if they have scheduled training)
  • Integrated with eClaims (sync Projects that resources worked on)

Deskera Accounting:

  • Update on “Net Book Value” under Fixed Asset Report by Categort

Deskera eLeave:

  • Implemented Custom Columns
  • Integrate with Deskera Project Management to show availability of resources
  • Integrate with Deskera Project Management to show alert if tasks are assigned on days that leave is applied for
  • Email notification to HR when leave is applied
  • Calendar status (from ICS) visible (Approved, Pending Rejected)
  • Multiple company restriction added

Deskera eClaims:

  • Multi-level hierarchy added for Claims Approval Process
  • Projects created in Deskera Project Management are visible in Deskera eClaims
  • Announcements feature enhanced to include start and end date
  • Added From and To dates to Reports and Claims

Deskera eTraining:

  • Training and Holiday Calendars updated. Now they sync with Project Management to show availability of resources before task assignment
  • Optimized  ”Training Structure” for faster performance

To try out Deskera, and these awesome new features, you can always head to our Demo site. We hope that you enjoy these new features and do not forget to share your feedback with us. A huge thanks to our Open Source Community for playing an active part in these developments.

To know more about us, please visit Deskera. If you want to join our Open Source Community, please visit

Deskera @ TechVenture 2012

October 23rd

TechVenture 2012, the biggest tech conference in Singapore, ended on Oct 18th. This edition of TechVenture was a special one though with Deskera Open Source stealing the show.

The three day event began with a welcome message from Mr. Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister, Singapore. Over the course of the event, Deskera participated in various activities and Shashank Dixit, our CEO, was among the speakers (which included Eduardo Saverin) called upon to share their views on corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and technology with focus on Asia.

The Deskera Open Source concept generated a lot of interest among the participants and visitors, and the uniqueness of our integrated, open source, enterprise offering won us many admirers. The unique concept, they said, makes it possible for smaller companies to compete with the bigger organizations on executing process driven operations.

We would like to round off this post with a big Thank You to TechVenture 2012 and its organizers, and to all the participants for their insights and encouraging feedback.

To know more about us, please visit Deskera.

Has Oracle Just Discontinued MySQL MXJ Connector?

August 28th

MySQL MXJ connector download page gives 404, and MXJ connector is no longer listed on the MySQL connectors list.

It’s not just me because I found this post on MySQL forums -

In your release notes you mentioned that the binaries can be found here:

Unfortunately I am seeing an empty page there. Has this artifact ever
been uploaded somewhere?

MySQL MXJ Connector allows Java developers to easily and transparently embed MySQL database in a cross-platform manner in the installation package. Last release version 5.0.12 is available on maven mirror.

Has it just been discontinued permanently by Oracle? Although MySQL as an embedded database has limited functionality and SQLite is preferred, it makes sense to embed MySQL in some scenarios e.g. embedding database in a package which already targets MySQL.

Deskera uses MySQL MXJ connector in its standalone downloadable packages which are part of open source initiatives. MXJ 5.0.12 was released in July 2011 and will, in all probability, not receive any updates/fixes.

Deskera for Android – Screenshots

April 19th

You may have read about the release of Deskera Mobile Apps in an earlier post. Well, here we are with the screenshots of the apps on Android.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view larger images.

Deskera CRM for Android:

Deskera Project Management for Android:

Deskera eLeave for Android:

You may view the iOS screenshots here.

To know more about us, please visit Deskera.

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