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Deskera Accounting – August Release

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Deskera ERPThere have been quite a few enhancements in Deskera Apps, with new features being added to CRM, eClaims and Accounting in August. Let us take a quick look at the new features added to Deskera Accounting.

  • Balance sheets could be exported into .csv and supported excel formats
  • Service Type in Product Management is now a countable entity
  • Service Type in Invoices and Orders can be now edited and the rate declared by the users
  • Fixed Asset Write-off functionality added
  • Fixed Asset Sale functionality added
  • Cash-flow Statement Report for Operating and Investing activities added

Please let us know your feedback on the latest enhancements.

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Deskera Applications – New Features

Friday, July 8th, 2011

At Deskera, we are continuously adding new features to enable our customers get the maximum out of their enterprise applications. Here is a sneak preview of new features in July which would make your business Better, Easier, Faster.

Deskera CRM dashboardDeskera CRM:

  • Now customers of our clients would be able to log in to the Case Management module of the system
  • Soon a custom report builder would be added to the system enabling you to slice and dice data the way you want it
  • Cases could be created and updated thorough emails
  • Admins would be able to control custom column configuration and visibility for all users in the organization now. This would allow easier and quicker initial setup
  • Continous improvment in our spreadsheet interface for all modules to allow quicker and smoother data entry

Deskera Project Management:

  • Users would be able to add custom fields, giving them greater control and flexibility. This will also allow them to run reports on these custom fields
  • Users would be able to perform Critical Path and PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) Analysis
  • Budgeting functions would be added in the application to provide Project Managers a better hold on the financials

Deskera Accounting & ERP:

  • Deskera ERPCountry wise tax structure would be available in the application
  • Partial selling and write-off of fixed assets could be done in the application

These features are but among many other innovations that Deskera would be bringing your way. Please watch this space for news and updates about Deskera.

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Please share with us your thoughts and views on the latest developments from Deskera. We would like to know from you what you want more from your Deskera applications.

Deskera Accounting – May Release

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Deskera ERPThe tweaks in Deskera Accounting May release would make Deskera Accounting more robust and user-friendly.

Listed below are the highlights which will be in this month’s release:

  • The “Sales Tax Report” now will have a more user friendly feel with the default search mode renamed – “Quick Search” and the default
  • Addition of functionality to directly view invoice details in “Aged Payables”
  • Chart View in “Aged Payables” would display data from last financial year
  • Deletion of parent account would lead to the automatic deletion of the sub-accounts
  • Automatic calulation of quanitity in Debit Note
  • Ability to set a future date exchange rate

This release also includes 25+ bug fixes reported over last few months.

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Eliminate dual entry and improve your processes with Deskera’s Data Sync functionality

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Manage all your data effectively and eliminate dual entry with Deskera Applications. Tie in with applications like Deskera CRM and Deskera Accounting and improve and automate the data entry process. Deskera does all this and more for your convenience so that you can focus on other important functions.

Data syncing is quite an easy task in Deskera. You can now avoid dual entry by making the products available in Deskera Accounting and CRM by using the functionality of data syncing.

Let’s take a quick tour.

  • Click on ‘Data Sync’ in Deskera CRM to sync the product list in CRM with that of Accounting.

  • To view the list of product(s) that would be synced with CRM, login to Deskera Accounting and click on ‘Data Sync’.

  • You can also define the product(s) that can be synced/not synced with CRM by selecting the checkbox for ‘Make available in CRM’ in Deskera Accounting.

  • Once you click on the confirmation message to sync the data in CRM, the product list of CRM and Accounting will be synced.

Thus, the dual entry of products in CRM can be eliminated by syncing them with Accounting.

For further assistance and support, drop us a line at and we are happy to help.

Experience the power of Deskera!

Hassle-free depreciation calculations with Deskera Accounting

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Calculating and maintaining depreciation schedule can be a mind-boggling exercise, particularly with a wide range of fixed assets purchased over a large time period. Now, Deskera Accounting simplifies this task by automatically calculating and updating depreciation schedules which enables you to easily post depreciation for all fixed assets of your organization. You can keep track of the present values of all fixed assets and receive Financial Reports updated with depreciation records.

Follow the two simple steps listed below to view depreciation schedule and post depreciation for all fixed assets of your organization.

Step 1

Click on ‘Fixed Asset Depreciation’ on the dashboard to create a new fixed asset. Click on ‘Add New Fixed Asset’ and specify fixed asset details such as asset life, asset value and salvage value. Depreciation schedule for this asset gets calculated automatically. Straight line method is used for the depreciation calculation in Deskera Accounting.

Step 2

You can view depreciation schedule for an asset by selecting it and clicking on ‘Fixed Asset Depreciation’. The depreciation schedule shows you month-wise depreciation values, accumulated depreciation amount, present asset value (or net book value) and more. You can select entries from the depreciation schedule and post it for including it in accounting records. Accordingly, these entries are automatically reflected in your Financial Reports.

Check out our latest video on Fixed Asset Depreciation, here!

Click here to view Deskera Accounting Demo.

Streamline Tax Calculations with Deskera Accounting

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Are you slowed down by cumbersome tax computation while generating sales or purchase transaction receipts for your customers or vendors? Gain a fresh perspective in streamlining tax calculations and incorporating them with effortless ease using Deskera Accounting.

Adding tax information in Deskera Accounting is easy. Just select the applicable tax from the drop down while creating sales or purchase transaction receipts such as invoices, cash sales receipts, cash purchase receipts and more. The system automatically applies your pre-defined tax settings to the current transaction.

Incorporate Tax Details

The best part is that you can add new tax information on the fly. So, while creating an invoice, if you feel the need to incorporate a new type of tax – just click on the ‘+’ icon alongside the tax drop-down and add new tax details in an intuitive spreadsheet interface. You need not navigate away from the invoice screen, go through a bunch of menus and fill forms to define a new tax. It’s quick and simple with Deskera Accounting.

Add new tax details

Try Deskera Accounting now.

Check out our video on Deskera Accounting and tax calculations, here!

Configure Multiple Currencies in Deskera Accounting

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Does your business transcend in multiple geographies having different currencies? Keeping track of the latest exchange rates and maintaining corresponding accounting records can be a nightmare. Deskera Accounting makes your job simple through ‘Multiple Currencies’ functionality with just a few clicks.

With Deskera Accounting, you can configure multiple currencies for all your vendors and customers easily. No need to download any software or check online currency converter. Deskera Accounting does it all for you with a single click.

Let’s take a quick tour

Configure currency preferences for each of your vendor and customer. Configure default currency in which your company records needs to be maintained.

Configure Currency for customers and vendors

Generate sales or purchasing transaction receipts according to the saved currency preferences for your customers or vendors.

Currency Settings are auto-generated for the selected=

Easily download and apply latest currency exchange rates. New transactions are automatically updated with the latest currency exchange rate.

Maintain Currency Exchange Records

Maintain previous records of exchange rates for each currency.

View history of exchange rates for each currency

Check out the video on Multiple Currencies on our post – “Manage your business across countries with Deskera ERP’s Currency Exchange”.

Have a great time with Deskera!

‘Bank Reconciliation’ in Deskera Accounting for maintaining accurate accounts

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Deskera Accounting allows you to compare the accounting records against those shown on your bank statement through the ‘Bank Reconciliation’ functionality. It allows you to easily identify discrepancies between these records and their probable causes. It enables you to quickly determine whether the discrepancies have resulted due to:

  • Unsettled transactions such as outstanding checks or deposits in transit.
  • Manual errors such as missing accounting records.

Sync all your accounting records with bank statements easily with ‘Bank Reconciliation’ in Deskera Accounting – Ensure accurate and effective accounting records.

Quick Tour

Click on ‘Bank Reconciliation Link’ on the Accounting dashboard to view ‘Begin Reconciliation’ window. Specify bank account details and the ending balance as per your bank statement records.

Specify Account Details for Bank Reconciliation

A new window will appear showing you all the transactions (such as checks and payment transactions, deposits and other credit transactions) related to the selected account. You can compare these transactions with your bank statement; select all the transactions present in the statement and monitor the difference in Ending Balance and Clearing Balance. The difference should ideally be zero. If not, it indicates an unsettled or missing transaction and needs further analysis. Click on ‘Reconcile now’ when the difference is zero.

Reconcile Accounts

Click here to view Deskera Accounting demo.

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